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How we work with our clients

Our first step is a complimentary consultation. If we mutually agree to work together, we will begin to create a roadmap to help you reach your goals, using the most efficient methods available.

Our fees are determined by the kinds of investments you select and the type of services we provide. Most client accounts fall into one of three categories:


In an investment advisory relationship you will have access to programs that may hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchanged traded funds, etc. Fees for investment advisory accounts are based on the value of the assets. Asset-based fees generally cover ongoing advice and recommendations, and specific fees and expenses associated with individual investment products may apply. We also offer fee-based financial planning. With this service, fees are based on plan complexity and are independent from any investment advisory relationship.


For clients who do not choose to participate in an investment advisory relationship, we offer commission-based relationships. If you anticipate low or infrequent trading activity and only need limited advice or recommendations on specific transactions, you would choose commission-based. Depending on the investment service selected, you may incur upfront sales charges or commissions for transactions executed on your behalf.


We create long-term relationships with clients whose needs and values change over time. For the greatest number of choices in investing and retirement planning, we offer a Combination approach. You can use fee-based financial planning, investment advisory, and commission-based strategies depending on your changing needs.