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Financial Planning

Before we set out to help you create a plan, we want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. We offer several levels of financial planning:

Basic Comprehensive Planning

At this level we will provide you with a summary of your current financial status in relation to your financial goals and objectives. Categories in this summary include net worth, income and expenditures, income taxes, investment risk tolerance, and risk management (including disability income and life insurance). Personalized recommendations applicable to your personal situation will be included in your financial plan.

Comprehensive Planning

The next level of financial planning, comprehensive, provides a more detailed presentation of your current financial situation and alternatives, as well as personalized recommendations based on your individual situation. The areas we review may include a detailed analysis of the following: current financial situation (net worth, detailed assets and liabilities listings), investment planning, estate planning, tax planning, and other general planning.

Situational Planning

We also can give you a detailed financial presentation related to a specific goal, such as paying off a mortgage or saving for college.

<p>Comparing Investments</p>

Comparing Investments

This calculator compares the net gain of a taxable investment versus a tax-favored one.
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<p>Five Most Overlooked Tax Deductions</p>

Five Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

Five overlooked tax deductions to help manage your tax bill.
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How Much Do You Know About Investing?

These days, investing in financial markets is a common practice. Yet, many Americans remain under-informed about how various investment products really work. Want to know how you rank? Challenge yourself with our brief quiz, "Test Your Investment IQ."

<p>The Cost of Procrastination</p>

The Cost of Procrastination

Procrastination can be costly. When you get a late start, it may be difficult to make up for lost time.
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<p>Saving for College</p>

Saving for College

This calculator can help you estimate how much you should be saving for college.
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