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The 8th Wonder of the World

February 20, 2024

The 8th Wonder of the World

Compound Interest

Starting to invest early helps to supercharge your retirement savings. How? Because time is your friend and your greatest asset with investing. The earlier you start, the more time you allow your money to grow, thanks to compounding. Starting early also helps to mitigate the risks that come with investing.

Let’s look at an example.
*Both investors begin to invest $7,000 a year on January 1st. Assuming an annual rate of return of 8%. Not factoring in inflation.*

Investor A
30 years old and invests for 30 years for a total of $210,000.

Investor B
20 years old and invests for 10 years then stops contributing for a total of $70,000.

Now let’s look at the results.
        Investor A results at age 60
        Investor B results at age 60

It is not about the amount you start with; it is about starting. Small contributions today can add up to substantial wealth down the road allowing you to have the financial freedom you dream of.

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