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Solo 401(k)

Solo 401(k)

April 09, 2024


You could have your own 401(k)

Let’s dive in to learn more about Solo 401(k)s

  • By implementing, you could potentially save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in taxes over your lifetime

Who is eligible?

Business owners who have no employees other than their spouse.

The Benefit?

  • Higher contribution limits
    • In 2024, you can contribute up to $69,000 if you are under 50 or $76,500 if you are 50+
    • If your spouse also participates in the business, you can double those amounts
  • Supercharge your retirement savings by being able to contribute as the employee and as the employer
  • Tax advantages
    • Save on taxes today thanks to your pre-tax contributions being tax deductible
    • Create tax-free retirement income for yourself via the Roth Solo 401(k). Pay the tax now, but imagine never paying taxes on your withdrawals as long as you follow IRS rules
  • More investment options

2024 401(k) Contribution Rules:

  • Max pre-tax or Roth employee contribution for those under 50 is $23,000 in 2024. $30,500 if 50+
  • Employer max contribution amount can be as large as 25% of your net profit
  • After-tax contributions *if your plan allows*
  • Remember, your total combined employee and employer contributions cannot exceed $69,000 if under 50, or $76,500 if 50+


Say you participate in your employer 401k plan, but have 1099 income from your side business.

  • If you contribute $23,000 to your employer sponsored plan either via a pre-tax or Roth contribution, you are not able to contribute an additional $23,000 to your Solo K as an employee. However, you are eligible to contribute to your Solo 401(k) as the employer up to 25% of your net profit. The remaining dollar amount you earned can then be contributed as an After-Tax contribution.
    • This is where the Mega Backdoor Roth comes into play.
      • Check out one of my previous posts to learn more

Solo entrepreneurs, implementing a Solo 401(k) may be a great choice for you in helping minimizing your lifetime tax bill, while also supercharging your retirement savings.

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