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Location of Your Emergency/Comfort Fund

Location of Your Emergency/Comfort Fund

May 08, 2024

Majority of people do not have an emergency/comfort fund, but for those that do, the next thing to consider is where to place it.

That is a popular question so let’s dive in.

Your Safety Net…A.K.A your Emergency/Comfort Fund

Where should you keep it so that is accessible, safe, and not being eaten away by inflation?

Avoid keeping it in your typical checking or savings account because inflation eats it away or you may be more likely to spend it.

Options to consider:

  • High-yield savings accounts
  • Brokerage account
    • Not investing it, but using money market funds, as an example, to earn higher interest
  • Money market accounts at the bank
  • Credit union accounts

Depending on what you utilize will also factor in how you are taxed.

Remember the key is accessibility without risking the loss of your principal or reducing your purchasing power due to inflation. Evaluate your options based on fees, interest rates, account requirements, and convenience. Taking advantage of high interest-bearing accounts allows for more peace of mind.


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