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Health Savings Account

February 28, 2024

Health Savings Account

A powerful tool for financial planning. Do you know the benefits? 30,000ft view.

Who’s eligible?
        - You must be enrolled in a high deductible health plan

Why’s it a powerful tool?

1. Enjoy triple tax benefits
        - Tax deductible contributions, therefore reducing your taxable income for the year
        - Your earnings grow tax free
        - Tax free withdrawals if they are for qualified medical expenses
2. Unlike Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), HSA funds roll over indefinitely
3. Investment options: Not all offer, but those that do your options depend on your provider
4. Emergency fund buffer: Your HSA can serve as an emergency fund for unexpected medical expenses providing you more peace of mind
5. Ability to cover qualified medical expenses now and/or later during retirement
6. Help cover long term care insurance premiums in the future
7. An addition to your overall retirement savings strategy adding you more flexibility

Important Facts:

Before 65 years old:
        - Withdrawals are only tax free if for qualified medical expenses. If used for anything else, you’ll face taxes and an additional 20% penalty.

Retirement boosts/benefits for those 65+:
        - Did you know that after age 65 you can withdraw the funds for any purpose (non-medical expenses) PENALTY free?
        - However, withdrawals not used for qualified medical expenses, you will still be subject to income tax.

Make the most of your HSA, it can be more than just a health tool.

Be sure to discuss with a financial advisor and tax professional to see how to implement within your overall financial plan.

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