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Benefits & Features of Taxable Brokerage Accounts

March 07, 2024

Benefits & Features of Taxable Brokerage Accounts

Unlike retirement accounts, taxable brokerage accounts do not offer upfront tax benefits such as the ability to tax a deduction now, like with IRAs, nor do you get to enjoy tax free withdrawals later, like with Roth IRAs, but they do have benefits and can be a game changer.

What are some of the benefits?
     - Helps with tax diversification
     - Offer flexibility now and later
     - No contribution limits
     - No income limit
     - Wide range of investment options
     - Access to money whenever needed due to no tax penalties for early withdrawals

Taxable brokerage accounts
     - Funded with after-tax money
     - Taxed while it grows due to interest and dividends
     - Taxed when sell investments for a gain, either LTCG or STCG
          · If held for more than 12 months = long-term capital gain
          · If held for less than 12 months = short-term capital gain
What’s the difference between a LTCG and STCG?
     - LTCG have more favorable tax rates, between 0%, 15%, or 20% depending on your income and filing status
     - STCG are less advantageous as you are taxed at your ordinary income rate

What if you sell an investment and take a loss? This is where tax-loss harvesting comes into play as it can be a very powerful strategy.

Are you familiar with tax-loss harvesting? Stay tuned for more information in a later post.

Do you have tax inefficient investments in your taxable brokerage account?

Some investments make more sense to be used in a different account, such as in a pre-tax or tax-free/tax favored account, instead of in a taxable account and vice versa.

Be sure to consult a financial advisor and tax advisor to help implement and tailor a plan for you.


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