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Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much  ~  Helen Keller

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Our Wealth Advisory Process

Step 1: ADVISE- Identify the client's needs and risk tolerance.

The first step in the process is to identify all the necessary financial facts and make sure we understand our client's current financial situation and future goals. One tool we utilize to help determine our client's investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon is a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. This vital information will help in determining an appropriate and customized investment strategy based on specific financial objectives.

Step 2: CONSTRUCT- Build an individualized asset allocation strategy*.

The second step is to decide what type of portfolio needs to be constructed based on the client's objectives and concerns. Our goal is to minimize concerns about market volatility. "Tail Risk", also known as large portfolio losses, can occur during times of extreme market volatility. Our goal is to preserve assets, or to hedge against "Tail Risk", by increasing asset diversification and possibly adopting alternative asset classes. We believe proper asset allocation is a very important driver in achieving financial success, especially during market upheavel.

Step 3: SELECT- Identify appropriate investments by using objective criteria.

A key component of the wealth advisory process involves due diligence and research by the advisor. We can leverage expertise and research typically unavailable to the average investor. We focus on finding investments and money managers who have consistent track records. We then weave together the asset allocation strategy we have built with the appropriate investments selected. The end result of this process is a customized portfolio that leverages expertise once only available to large institutional investors and very high net worth investors.

Step 4: GUIDE- Implement, manage and monitor portfolio on an ongoing basis.

The final step in the process is to execute the plan by implementing the custom built strategy. The result of this comprehensive, disciplined approach is a customized personal portfolio based on the client's investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. We feel a portfolio constructed  with multiple asset classes can help enhance overall portfolio performance while also reducing risk. (The use of these methods is no guarantee of future performance) Continuous portfolio and asset monitoring provides the basis for a long term relationship with our clients. We conduct ongoing reviews to examine the portfolio's progress and uncover if there are changes in the clients situation.

If you would like to be emailed addtional information on our Wealth Advisory Process please contact us.

* Investing involves risks, including a potential loss of principal. No strategy can assure success or protect against loss.